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The #1 Best Car Seat Headrest Pillow for Everyday Use

UpDreamer is a company full of energetic and enthusiastic people. Our goal is to provide a better experience on longer road trips to make you feel more comfortable in your car.

UpDreamer™ Car Seat Headrest Pillow pillows

Key Featurs Include

UpDreamer™ Car Seat Headrest Pillow
UpDreamer™ Car Seat Headrest Pillow easy installation

Take care of your passengers

UpDreamer allows your passengers to relax the muscles, support their head and neck, and prevent the neck from floating due to prolonged bending.

Also, if someone knocks on the doors or windows, the passenger will be protected. 

Easy Installation

UpDreamer can be removed and fixed back on the headrest support bar easily and quickly.

See the image for more details.  

Safe and Comfy

Without a pillow, your head always touches the car door window, and that’s very uncomfortable.

Sleep safe and comfy with UpDreamer. 

Thousands of Happy Customers

Wonderful! Purchased for my child. The functionality is excellent; the material looks quality.

Avery T.
Excellent! Bought at the request for the child. The function performs the material tight looks quality.

Very nice pillow. Or I may call it a pad. It is so great, especially when a co-driver wants to take a nap.

Angelo T.
very nice piece of equipment for your car.... specially if you co driver likes to take a nap

In my Nissan Qashqai 2020 fits excellent. I bought 2 for both of my kids. They both like to sleep in the car, and these pads are just perfect.

Trevor D.
Nissan Qashqai 2020 - excellent fit

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